Friday, November 27, 2009

The SAYINGS of MANDELL LOVEMAN CYPRESS “Well now let me tell you something…” “Everyone knows the right thing to do… whether or not they do it is another thing.” “The easiest money you’ll ever make is the money you don’t spend.” “You haven’t made any money until you button the button.” “In business, when you have to kiss somebody’s ass, just give it a little peck, you don’t have to hug it.” “Everybody should read The Richest Man in Babylon.” “If you don’t ask, you are lazy.” “You got to be a friend to have a friend.” “You know, I get more pleasure out of giving than I do receiving.” “We’ve had a good run.” “I love you. Thanks for coming.” These sayings were on a placard at Mandell’s funeral. He used to coach me on how to talk to people. Often, he reminded me to do one thing when in conversations with people who are boorish or selling me a line of bullshit. Mandell told me the secret to all conversations: when someone is speaking, shake your head up and down as if you are listening and just say, “Uh-Huh? Is that right?” No more needs to be said. If the person you are talking to is an idiot, let him be an idiot, you don’t have to point it out.