Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solstice June 2011

It all get's dark from here!  That is how I feel the night of the summer solstice.  If I were in the southern hemisphere, Summer Solstice would be six months back or forward, take your pick.
{I reread this passage, and I think, "What a F*^k'n Virgo!}(needle picking again.)

What I am seeing about me today, the effect of 2011 is the culmination of all that has occurred past and future included.

I have walked the mystic path in my youth,begone highways, game trails, Yaqui-pass pathways....jumped off the cliff of eternity and followed the Master's Path of Centered Energy and Oneness.

Am I that, who knows?

Love or Fear, those are the only two choices...who knows which is correct or not....who knows if both choices garner the same effect and love is the same as fear no different.  Is this the pure unified field energy?

Fertile field of my soul, how is the harvest coming?