Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 45

Twenty-seven degrees outside, it is 6:30 am, and it is first light. I wrap my purple Shiva scarf around my neck twice, over that I add my snowboarder sweatshirt, and top my head with a stocking cap as I go for a run. I top the first hill, and I start laughing. I am experiencing joy. I am having a hard time believing that I am running this early in the morning and this cold in the morning, and I am feeling joyful for it. I plan on jogging the long route today. I am feeling good, not like yesterday when leg cramps cut my run to a mile instead of the longer two point five mile route. My breath is strong and my body is in a good rhythm and pace. Everything is going great! I circle around Bellevue Road at about seven tenths of a mile in to my plan, and then I had to pee. I realize my morning run would not be the two point five miles, and I would be lucky to make it home without wetting my pants. With every jarring step, I feel a splosh in my lower abdomen. I push my way back up the hill, making my steps even, concentrating on grace, not to swash my bladder too much. I thought I could go a little farther, but the urgent call of nature is too great to ignore. I sprint for home.