Friday, March 11, 2011

Shake Up

Today, an earthquake hit off the coast of Japan.  As I write this, a tsunami is hitting Hawaii; it is reported to be six feet high.   We never know when life will take a turn.  We never know when the next disaster strikes.  Trees crash, tanks roll, people rise-up.  Ocean water obliterates coastline, a rearranging of sand structures, island borders.

What are we worried about?  What issues are present when life changes rapid and out-of- one's-control? When the safety and survival of raw living with no shelter, no food, no water and no bathroom saturate the culture.

Recreation, a process where creation decomposes, breaks-down, corrodes.  Dismantled, whether by the natural aging process or the unnatural Act of God.  If we lose our jobs, lose our loved ones, lose our sense of self, lose our way home, each of us are called to adapt or die.

Adaptation means softening to the influences of change.  Fluidity, humor, awareness of the present moment, helps solve the dilemmas of where am I going to sleep tonight, how am I going to feed my children, when lost:  what is the best direction,  who am I now and how do I prove it?

Many of the global sacred writings share the wisdom of how every decision comes down to two answers Love or Fear.  We attend to our daily lives either through love or fear.  Bottom line!  One may argue that my assertion is not true.  So I guess this is my belief, my religious belief.

It seems to me our doing comes down to attitude.....attitude of Love or attitude of Fear...for the Love of Creation or the Fear of Death.  Even when we are called upon to adapt, to change our lifestyle, to open our hearts.

Sometimes recreation hurts, produces pain, induces suffering as the structures and relationships crash.  Somehow, the transformation cauldron bubbles and perks and stews.  Ready to spurt out bubbling mud just as the Earth does, producing recreated ground.