Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 10, 2011


Sisyphus is at my window
dressed as a cardinal
bird gone eternally mad
a bull-headed stance
charges with determination.

He flies in a circle
hits a bedroom window
retreats to the nandina bush
hops to the crepe myrtle
barren of flowers.

Red bird zooms straight
like an arrow pointing
past the narrow window
trajectory leading inside
to the smoldering fire.

Cardinal darts back
past the red maple front line
wild-eyed with beak open
he attacks again and again
two plates of glass.

Three days now the count
bird launches like a rocket
constant bombardment
attacks from the flank
shred feathers the shrapnel.

Other birds gather
to tweet about the sight
crazy bird flying in a circle
hitting the window
with all his might.

I the lone sufferer
wince with every hit
as Sisyphus's boulder
crashes into his own
reflection of light.