Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturn Opposite Uranus |

Saturn Opposite Uranus |
Does this explain anything?

accent on the ascent: Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl: Books

accent on the ascent: Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl: Books Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl: Books Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl: Books
Did you know I published this book?
All Clear!

Original Idea

Originally, my plan included the use of this blog to work out the ending of my memoir. Which way did I want to go, what story did I want to tell, was I brave enough to tell all, not sure of the lessons learned because I realized the ending had to be an organic process (god, I hate that term) and I was still at the point of no ending for my story.

Then I got to thinking, does this world need another memoir, another story about a life, how many more memoirs will be published, isn't it about time the memoir trended out of favor with publishers.

What about the book industry? Massive changes could be made in the next few years with the growing popularity of electronic reading. Where do I fit with all of this?

As for the running thing, where I live, it has been a time of heat advisory, and that is excuse enough not to run right now.

Accent on the Ascent implies their is a descent as well. Is this just another application of dualism? Is this just another way to look at one thing...which is just simply life?

Art as Life! What a concept! My friend DonJon Vonavich employs it daily. He, my friend, walks his talk. Snubbing his nose at dualism, all life is art for him.

My goal is to now become a film maker. I am starting on a new journey with old content. I will be making movies using poetry from my first book, NEVER OFFER A CHAIR TO A DANCING GIRL. Watch for movies about addiction, loves lost, wandering and mangos.

It is close to the end of July, and it is the fifth pass of the Uranus Saturn opposition that started in the Fall of 2008. For some, the word fall does include both meanings. What have you changed since then? What more is there to be done? I have my goals, but I don't seem to pay them much mind.

Prison of Culture binds the ages together and fits of rage carry on as protectors, how many more bombs must be dropped before we as a human race remember that we are all one.