Friday, July 30, 2010

Sake to me!

Why did I put a passionate guy talking about sake on my blog?

Do I know this guy?  No.
Do I like what he has to say?  Yes.

I first fell in love with sake when I lived out west.  I never had a bad experience with sake, and I found the warmth of the spirit served in Asian restaurants to be soothing on a winter day.  Since, I have learned that the best sake is served cold and it should be overflowing, with the extra alcohol caught in the saucer under the cup.  At least, this is what I was taught, I don't have proof to back it up.

My old teacher, Matayo, and I drank sake on days I came to visit him.  There were some years I wintered twenty-five miles away at a place called Oh My God Hot Well.  I would load up water bottles from several folks in camp.  I drove S-22 toward Borrego Springs on Tuesdays, filled up the ten and fifteen gallon containers with the sweet water from the Anza-Borrego State Park and visit Matayo.

He always had the type of sake which is better heated.  Matayo used a hot plate and a stainless steel bowl to swirl the sake, he used vice grips to take the metal bowl off of the flame.  The wind blew hard in the dessert, but we would strip down to our nakedness, drink hot sake, dialog, do a little art therapy, and talk about mastery.

Sake, a drink I savor when I toast my teacher, Matayo.