Wednesday, May 11, 2011

old boyfriends

There was a time when I waited.  A time when you were my knight in shining armor.  Manufacturing a rescue in my day-dream fantasies, I wanted to portray, to you, me the victim.  The damsel in distress of my own making.  I wanted to be rescued from myself.  I wanted you as my Savior.

Twenty years ago....that time when I waited.  Now, I am too old to be a damsel, and my only distress comes from a dragon called Debt.  The role of victim examined, I have less fear and more compassion.  I have done just fine without you in my life.

Now, you ask if I will be your friend, and I start to fall down a rabbit hole of emotion.  Opening up my heart full throttle, splay open all that I am for you, to be the Savior of your Sorrow.........then I say, "Wait a fucking minute!"