Thursday, November 29, 2012

Course of Intuition

Dark and cloudy, lost driving
on an unknown highway byway,
how do I find the direction north?
When ruby throat hummingbirds
beat wings, speed counts two
hundred times per second, do
they have an inkling their flight
is south? Is it the same instinctual
intention that takes porcupine
caribou through a migratory loop

leading to Arctic tundra calving
grounds? A flash of insight, one
may reason, reveals knowing
I don't like someone, yet not
knowing why. Is it a sudden
inspirational voting booth
epiphany that casts a name
on the ballot in a school board
election after moving to a new
location? How about the hunch

playing red twenty-two as
the roulette wheel spins. Is this
the same foreseeing when playing
a number on the company employee
Super Bowl football pool?  Is it direct
innate perception that shows which
path of faith is the correct reflection
to believe in? Do we listen for
the Buddha of Wisdom and follow
a course of intuition? Or, do we ignore
smelling the Holy Spirit's breath.