Sunday, March 20, 2011

update from the land of the dead...
Yesterday morning, I thought I smelled a dead mouse in my house (again).
Thought I heard one the other night, but have not seen evidence.
Yesterday, I didn't paint my office as planned, 
but worked on a client.
Then I went to a moonshine tasting....awesome.
That put me in this super mellow mood.
I didn't smell anything dead in my house.
Thought i was safe.

this morning, i really could smell the critter.
I found it at 8:23am.  I decided to do the disposal myself.
This is huge....
i had to attend to my own awful fears.
I put my gloves on....then I cleaned my bathroom.
I split kilning.  I moved my wood stack to consolidate.
I moved lawn furniture, dead-headed pansies & cleaned my grill.
Cleaned two smoking  pipes, folded sheets, washed three loads.

Burned through one glove, applied a new right hand glove....
went next door and asked my neighbor to do the disposal for me.
she told me to go find another sucker.

came back in, and slid a broken spatula
under the mouse and put it in the trash 
no screaming
no dancing
no outward display of utter terror.

I even spent time looking at it all curled up and decomposing.
of course....since it was behind the water heater,
i spent five times looking in that direction, 
but not looking exactly at the dead creature.
that is when i went to find someone else to do it for me.

I heard in my head, "Jamie, you are the one caught in the trap!"
Must have been Matayo....he talked to me like that.
three times more, I took a quick look at the dead mouse, then looked away.

It took me three hours to pick up that mouse,
but i did it with honor.  
I lit incense, offered it up.

Hope i don't have to do this again.

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